Hi hi😁

Hope everyone is doing quite well? I know I’ve been like #MIA on here but I can explain and I will explain.

So I just wanted to come on here and talk about something real quick.

So, I don’t know what has been going on with me for the past few months or so but I’ve been misplacing important items! And it’s really really annoying because those items are of sentimental value to me (all of my things actually!) And I don’t know for some weird reasons I just keep losing them.

First off it was my hydro flask which I absolutely loved! I took it out one day and never brought it back! I was so mad and upset and kept consoling myself with the fact that I’ll find it and let me just say it’s been over a month now and I still can’t find it!

Then my wristband was next. Went to the market with friends the other day and in the process of trying on a long sleeve shirt(my bad, I should have taken it Off first!), low-key think it just slid off never to be found again. Let me just say I went back to that market and searched for it even asked the store owner but I couldn’t find it. Am still very upset about it because my mom specifically gave that to me. But am hoping I at least come across it or get something similar at least.

I don’t know about you but everything I own is just really special to me no matter how minute or insignificant it appears I just don’t like losing my things honestly!

The last one (I really hope it’s the last thing I ever lose!!!) Is my wallet a very cute baby pink and white mini girl wallet. I bought snacks at a store and forgot it there. I was very pissed but luckily when I went back to ask, it was right there waiting for me! Damn! I was so freaking relieved because I was like I can’t keep losing things like this 😭

Anyways am sure we all misplace or lose things once a while and whether or not we admit it, it’s always very annoying if you lose things. What I can say is, if you lose something especially something of sentimental value and importance don’t fret about it too much. Just try and relax and recall where you might have lost it and be patient. Chances are you may or may not find it which is not ok but still ok. And if you can’t find it, most definitely it can be replaced although not always the same but it could do.

And you can always be like me fervently praying and hoping to find it one day!

And about my inconsistency. It is with great displeasure that I have to announce that I will be writing exams and I need to concentrate and study hard for it because we don’t fail exams over here boo!. Please bear with me because it’ll be over before you know it!

Ok! That’s all do have a great week ahead and remember not to loose or misplace anything!😘😘😘

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Hi guys. Hope everyone is fine and doing well 😘

So, uhm let me tell you a story.

Michael is a fine guy. And there’s a beautiful kate. She’s a girl of course πŸ˜‚ok let me be serious. Kate is a long lost girlfriend of Michael. She calls him randomly and informed him that she will be coming to school and needed a place to stay. Michael stays off campus (they’re in the same school anyways). He stays with his sister by the way and he offered her his house. comes and they start living as one family.πŸ˜‚

Remember I said Kate is a beautiful girl right? Good! She was low-key cheating on him if at all he was even the him. He caught her one day and things got hot! He broke up with her.

You might think she will leave or something and that will be the end right? Well no! Unfortunately she pays part of the rent and so she is staying. Why you might ask? Well Michael dearest asked her to come and said since he’ll be graduating soon, she could stay with his sister after he’s gone.

Michael came back to apologise for what he did and for breaking up with her. He wanted them to get back together but babygirl already moved onπŸ˜‚ she said no and that caused another argument. The long and short of it however is that whether together or not, babygirl Kate is going no where! And what a heated house that will be!

I don’t wanna pass judgement and say oh she used him and is still using him because she probably has her reasons and things be going down 😎 so yes! Hopefully it’s a Win-win situation.

Let me roast my cousin a bitπŸ˜‚ because it’s been a while πŸ˜‚.

My cousin is a veryyyyyy fineeeeee girl and at the moment sweetie has about 5 guys on her case. Who will she choose guys? If am to give y’all an inside info I’ll say, bruh am here for the free stuffsssss😎!

Anyways she’s a manager o. Unusual is a boss on her own and in her words before Moses, Abraham was and before Abraham, Jesus was!

That’s it guys!πŸ˜‚ Stay safe and make sure you differentiate between Moses, Abraham and Jesus! I come and leave in peace πŸ™β€οΈ

Oh and I took Avocado before typing this. Please try and include fruits and veggies in your diet πŸ˜‰


How I wished my pancakes looked 😭

Hi hi 😘

So I wanna start off by sincerely apologising for my inconsistent attitude towards this blog. I mean “e be things”.

That being said, I hope everyone is holding up real good and I miss you guys! 😘

This particular story am about to tell you guys is really not my business and I just coincidentally came across it but honestly it’s interesting and funny!

So Anita and 2 of her friends live in the same house, rented apartment and I think they’re friends. One of them has a boyfriend, have a boyfriend (am sorry my English these days; sai Allah kawai. Please bear with me lol). So Anita goes behind that friend and snatches the boyfriend or had something with the guy and the ‘owner’ found out. You can guess what happened right? Well let me add my salt and pepper 😁

She was definitely not happy about it so there was a fight, there was insults and curses but the deed’s been done and that’s about it. I don’t know if Anita apologized but that aside. Let me just say; please let’s not blame only Anita, this guy is at fault too.

Another incident occurred which I don’t know but low-key found out ( due to my amebo. Hehehe). And there was another fight, insults and curses that disturbed other people’s peace and again our dear friend Anita was involved. Anita is always picking fights with her friends or atleast that’s how it looked. Anyways after this particular fight her friends had enough and said she must pack out!

Yes she must pack out because they’ve had enough! She had no choice it was a fight of “2 against 1 ” and Anita had to leave.

Do you think that was fair? I mean they were friends right? And Anita did hurt them which I understand where the anger and pain is coming from. But if you ask me it’s really not my business!.

That aside. I had a pancake disaster a few days ago. I was really craving pancakes and decided to make it. You won’t believe what happened. Pancakes is what I wanted what I ate however was scrambled pancakes (according to my friend πŸ˜‚). Yho! To make pancakes you need to use a non sticky frying pan, your girl however did not consider this and ended up making scrambled pancakes. Like you know how scrambled eggs look like right? that’s how my pancakes looked! Mehn I was so embarrassed! But please applaud me I just discovered a new edible way to make pancakes!

Ok guys thanks for reading and make sure you double check your frying pan if your trying to make pancakes or leave a message for me if you want to recreate my famous scrambled pancakes!


Hello guys 😘

I’ve missed you all so much. Trust everyone is doing well and Ramadan Mubarak to my Muslim friendsπŸ–€

So, let’s get to today’s blog post.

This is about two sisters one of which is my acquaintance. That how I got to know what am about to tell you.

Anna and her sister were stranded at some point in time and had to stay over at a friend’s house until they could move to theirs. Now this friend was a guy who stays with his older brother.

These guys were so kind to them accommodating them and all of that. However things started to get complicated when the two brothers started to fall for them.The sisters however had no intention whatsoever to date them because they were genuinely not interested or as she said “not their type”. A fight breaks out one faithful day and Anna couldn’t take it anymore, she told her sister to get their things and they left.

They parted roughly and although Anna did say her thanks, her and her sister are no longer keeping in touch with the brothers.

Okay the long and short of this story is; do you think Anna and her sister are ungrateful or should they have dated the brothers simply because they were housing them?

Personally I think what Anna and her sister did was right because yes the were being accommodated but still they were helping out in the house especially in the kitchen and the brothers wanting to date them just low-key feels like they were trying to take advantage. Although they left before any damage could have been done.

Ok that’s it for today πŸ–€ don’t forget to leave your comments down below for me, I’d love to know what you think 😘



Am upset. Mad. Angry. Pissed. Annoyed. Sad. Angry. Mad. Oh I already typed those.☹️

So I don’t know what I recently pressed on my phone but everything literally everything got wiped except the apps. I don’t know how to really describe how I felt or how am still feeling but I know am feeling a tad bit better now that I’ve eaten.

My videos and pictures were all gone but luckily for me a good amount of my pictures were recovered but as for the videos it’s really unfortunate that the only option is to re- download it (if that a word). I still can’t really place my hand on what really happened my only guess is that the memory was full and it just automatically formatted itself (if that’s really possible).

Long story short am just tired of fussing about it I mean it’s been 48hours since it happened and my phone is now a stranger to me. Can u believe that? But I low-key feel like I can resolve it(even though everyone’s telling me it’s impossible) . Let me atleast console myself with that. With time I will. I just need time. Right?

The whole situation with this, I’ve just really been trying to be optimistic about it and see the light at the end of this tunnel which is somewhat impossible because my eyes are closed and I can’t see.πŸ˜‘

I’ve just come to understand that things like this happen in life you really think everything is good and boom life hits you! And you like have to calm down and re-evaluate because there are always solutions to everything.

My music and videos might be gone and even if I can retrieve some am sure I won’t be completely able to retrieve all but Alhamdulilah because my phone didn’t crash and my apps are intact with all information on it secured that’s atleast one good thing.

Maybe you’re going through similar stuff it really must not be about a phone but just know there’s always solutions to everything. Just relax and you’ll figure it out.

And am so sorry I haven’t been uploading as often as I should. Am currently writing tests and I just wanted to concentrate. But not withstanding I have a warehouse full of gists for y’all so stay tuned 😘



Hi, hello

So a video of Derrick jaxn and his wife was aired on social media today and in that video he was openly admitting to his wife and the world that he cheated on her not with one but several women!

Aside from that being the most annoying and discomforting situation (as the wife) to ever be in, I just want to say that is absolutely not cool!

First of, you claim to be Christian and that is contrary to what you preach and believe but you went ahead and did it ? Like that wasn’t enough you bring this innocent woman to sit with you and listen to you confess and that too to the whole world?

Men y’all need to buckle your belt! Nobody is above mistakes but if you made a vow, be sure to keep it and if you can’t don’t tie the knot in the first place!

Cheating should absolutely not be tolerated! Mistake or no mistake that’s a choice you can make.

Another video pops on my IG feed today too, a guy and his friends confronting a girl (his girlfriend) apparently she was caught cheating on him with someone else and when asked she said he cheated too and he slapped her saying am a guy. Bro what the hell? You’re a guy and so?

Boys! Guys! Men! This is not cool! Cheating on your significant other and thinking it is cool or a mistake that can be forgiven is really bad. Y’all know the emotional trauma someone has to go through being with you despite knowing you cheated and betrayed their trust?

My beautiful ladies stop taking this men back thinking they’ll change and learn from their mistake they won’t really do the same for you(most of them). Stop giving them reasons to hurt you just because you love them. Love doesn’t always have to be pain.

To me though if you cheat on me, am never getting over that which means you’ll have to go. Sorry I don’t share!


Hi guyzzzz😘

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe?

So a friend of mines😁 went to the club the other day and met this guy. So according to her this guy was fineeee, fresh and smelling good! Now who doesn’t like a nice, good looking and well scented man?

They hang out the rest of the night and after party is over he asked her to come spend the night with him insisting that they weren’t going to do anything and besides they were too tired to even do anything. She however, politely declined saying she had to sleep home for personal reasons.

He gets her number making her promise to see him the next day so they could hang out because he enjoyed her company. The next day, he calls her up and they decide to meet up. According to her, she wouldn’t call that a date because it wasn’t that formal or fancy. Anyways, back to the story. They hang out for a while and he asked if they could go to a hotel, she’s like why? And he goes “just to hang out”. She gets the memo and politely told him I really don’t want to have any sexual attachment with you yet.

He gets a bit upset stressing that he wanted to have something to hold on to or according to him have memories! She declines saying she can’t give that to him because she feels rushed. He was somewhat not happy about it but he grudgingly accepts saying he wished they had more time. Apparently he just stopped by for a while and that day happened to be his last and he had to leave the next day which he did.

When I got this story I was very impressed with the fact that she didn’t really do what she could have regretted or feel shitty about because chances are it could have really been a one night stand and she probably wanted something solid and he might not just be about that. Or it could have worked out. Regardless though it’s always better to actually play it safe. To me though.

That’s it for today guys😘. What would you have done if you were in her shoes? And to guys y’all think sexual relations are memories?

Leave your thoughts in the comments for me or send me an email I’d love to know what you think or have to say😘😘

And as always thank you so much for reading and if you made it to this point I love you a thousand avocados πŸ’š


Hello guysssss😁

What’s up? I trust everyone is doing good and if not I hope you’re hanging in there for me😘

So I didn’t initially plan to post this on here because I didn’t want to appear shady or insulting but one thing led to another and am here going to post it! Why? Because y’all are my friends πŸ–€

So here it goes!

A very dear friend calls me up yesterday and she’s upset, she’s crying and couldn’t even talk properly. I let her cry say for the next 5mins or so when she’s finally done and ready to talk this is what she said

Candice: am so sorry for disturbing you at this hour

Me: nah it’s cool, watsup? What’s going on?

Candice: You remember the guy I told you about right?

Me: The one you’ve been hanging out with? Yeah of course I do what happened?

Candice: I went through his phone today although it was a hassle he finally let me go through it this guy has this bestie who sends nasty pictures to him and they freaking chat every freaking hour of the day!

Me with my bad mouth: she the girlfriend sis why freaking bother?

Candice: He claims they’re not and they’re just besties and have known each other for about 4yrs or so and he also says he wasn’t playing me and that he’s I love with meπŸ˜”

Me: she’s a bestie and they text every freaking hour of the freaking day? Send nasty pictures? Oh and he brought up not playing you? Sis he’s not worth it. If he loves you like he claims he should have been truthful from the beginning.

Am cutting this whole story short because clearly you get the gist. First of all, this whole bestie concept is not for me if your bestie is not the same gender as you chances are y’all had feelings for each other at some point or y’all have feelings for each other right now or y’all are having feelings for each other presently and bestie is just a gate way for you to pass to relationship (if you ever get there).

I just want to clarify that Candice and this guy are not in a relationship yet. But I believe being honest about everything goes a long way because at the end that’s what matters.

I told Candice; he’s not worth it, he’s not worth your anger or tears!

Let love find you because it will!

Feel free to comment what you think or what you’d have done if you were Candice. Will you forgive him? And if you were me what advice will you have given Candice?

Anyways that’s it for today guys longest post so far yay!!!!



You know how they say your life could change overnight? Well I thought they were mere words with no concrete meanings but am wrong and these words are actually very true and accurate. You may decide to call it fate or destiny or even attraction but I see this as Miracles.

I remember being younger and I saw a pamphlet in my mum’s Bible that read; miracles happen everyday for those who believe. I never really understood the meanings of those words till I grew older and it resonated with me.

The past week have been really hectic and chaotic for me and in that chaos, I found meaning and am glad I did. A little thing here and there really just puts it together. I want to go on rambling but that’s for another day.

Am just glad everything is becoming clear for me and am really keeping this attitude of whatever comes, comes and whatever goes, goes. I think you should do that too and always keep in mind that it’s about the small steps.

It’s the weekend! Go out if you can a little vitamin D and tan won’t hurt nobody. I love you and have a great weekend πŸ–€

A Time…..


It’s really easy to get caught up in life either with what others are doing or what you’re not doing. Life has its ups and downs and as much as we all don’t want to accept it, there are going to be bad days. Lately depression is becoming a norm, you see young talented people getting depressed over trivial issues and wonder what’s going on. It’s because we’re too caught up following other people’s lives that we don’t even realize we need to live ours!

Bad and negative thoughts are inevitable and one thing I’ve been doing that’s been working for me is; replacing my negative thoughts with a positive one. You don’t realize how much negative thoughts crosses your mind in a day till you consciously start keeping track. So whenever a “OMG she’s gorgeous” comes to mind make sure the next thing is “am gorgeous too”.

You see just because others don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there!

There’s time for everything and everyone. The good book says: for everything there’s a season, A time for every activity under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1. So if you’re not on a vacation at the moment, it’s probably not time yet, not feeling as good as you should? It’s just not time.

Don’t let the world rush you don’t let the internet rush you. Life na turn by turn. You’re good just the way you are!

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